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microbial and animal oil

microbial and animal oil



DATE:2021-01-12 15:10:53

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  Henan yajian critical professional supply of microbial and animal fat complete set of equipment production line
  Microalgae refer to some single-celled,colony or filamentous algae that can only be observed with the help of a microscope.Chlorophyta,Chlorella,Chlorella pluvium,Spirulina,etc.,all belong to the"microalgae family".It takes about two weeks for microalgae to be born to produce oil,compared with months for oil crops.
  Microalgae from the sea have long been considered a pest,but if used wisely,they can turn waste into valuable food additives and biofuels.Due to the low temperature extraction of subcritical biological technology,the main nutrients in microalgae can be retained to a greater extent,so that their repurification has a larger operating space,which is also the realization of industrial production.With the large-scale cultivation and production of microalgae,the deep processing of microalgae oil into biodiesel is a reality.In the near future,microalgae may become acres of green oil fields,refueling for the fast running of the city.
  The oil of dry microalgae was successfully extracted by subcritical biological technology at low temperature,and the residual oil was less than 0.01%.Because of the subcritical low temperature extraction,the composition of astaxanthin was retained in the extracted oil.Moreover,the application of complex solvents makes it easier to produce microalgae oils on a large scale,and the cost of producing fuel from Marine microalgae can be greatly reduced.

microbial and animal oil

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