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wheat germ powder equipment

wheat germ powder equipment


CATEGORY:Plant Protein

DATE:2021-01-12 15:02:55

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  Wheat germ powder is mainly extracted from the essence of wheat,which is a kind of nutrition with high protein content.In the processing of wheat germ powder,the main method is to use segment baking to kill the enzyme.In the early stage,the baking temperature is 220-300℃,which makes the water content of wheat germ reach 6.2%-7.8%.Lower the temperature to 180-220 degrees Celsius and bake further to reduce the water content to 3.6-4.9%.At the later stage,the wheat germ was toasted at 120-180 degrees Celsius to reduce the moisture content of the germ to 1.7%-2.5%.
  The segment-type baking can improve the color,flavor and brittleness of wheat germ powder,and reduce the fishy smell of wheat germ powder.The grain size of wheat germ powder is very small,the powder is very fine,it is easy to make and adjust,and it is very simple and convenient to eat.
  In short,it is not a simple matter to produce qualified wheat germ powder,and extra attention should be paid to every processing link,especially the high-temperature baking link,otherwise there will be quite a lot of problems.The use of Henan sub-critical wheat germ powder equipment more assured.Welcome to visit subcritical machinery equipment co.,LTD.

wheat germ powder equipment