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grape seed oil equipment

grape seed oil equipment



DATE:2021-01-12 14:56:30

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  Device name:grape seed oil equipment
  1.The technological process of low-temperature subcritical extraction of grape seed oil is as follows:
  Grape seed→impurity removal→softening→rolling→low temperature extraction→grape seed crude oil→refining→refined oil
  1)Pretreatment of grape seeds:the main purpose is to remove impurities and destroy the tissue structure of grape seeds,and at the same time to make the blastula have the shape suitable for extraction.
  Process description:raw materials by the vibrating screen,skin residue from the grape seeds,fruit and other impurities removed,then the conveyor in softening the pot,add some water,heating up to 45~55℃,the heat preservation time(15 min or so)to soften,then through after eliminating iron into mill rolling billet,billet thickness of 0.3 mm,moisture remain at around 10%,blank piece sent to extract workshop.
  2)Low temperature subcritical extraction:the extraction solvent was butane,the ratio of solid to solution was 1:1.2,and the extraction temperature was room temperature with countercurrent extraction for 3 times.
  3)Rool oil refining:the extracted crude oil is filtered,hydrated degumming,deacidification,decolorization,deodorization,dewaxing and fine filtration to get the light green finished grape oil.
  2.Quality of subcritical extraction grape seed oil:
  Using grape seeds as raw materials,grape seed oil was extracted by subcritical fluid extraction,supercritical CO2 extraction,solvent extraction,cold pressing and hot pressing methods,respectively.The effects of different oil production processes on phenolic substances and antioxidant activities of grape seed oil were studied.The results showed that the content of polyphenols in subcritical oil was high while that in supercritical oil was very low.Quantitative analysis of seven monomer phenols in grape seed oil showed that the content of phenols in subcritical oil was generally higher than that in other processes.Reduction experiments show that the antioxidant activity of subcritical oil is very strong.

grape seed oil equipment