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subcritical extraction equipment

subcritical extraction equipment



DATE:2021-01-12 14:52:16

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  At present,domestic edible vegetable oil extraction mainly includes:4 solvent extraction of vegetable oil and vegetable protein;No.6 solvent processing and extraction of soybean,rapeseed,cottonseed and other bulk plant oil.The No.4 solvent processing technology of our company has also been introduced into foreign oil leaching.Industrial n-hexane,pentane and octane are generally used for bulk oil.

subcritical extraction equipment

  Subcritical extraction solvent(main ingredients for liquefied propane,butane)leaching grease technology both subcritical extraction technology,with the current widely used compared to the 6#solvent oil leaching technology,its advantage is,first and foremost,"normal temperature extraction,low temperature desolventizing,small effect under the condition of active substances in oil and vegetable protein extract oil,for oil extraction and the comprehensive utilization of plant protein.
  Secondly,the steam consumption is less,and the coal consumption in the oil production process is reduced by more than 80%,thus reducing the cost and reducing the emission of"three wastes".
  Its application fields:
  1.vegetable oil grease
  Soybean germ,sesame,flax seed,crown fruit,almond,moringa seed,small rice bran,pomegranate seed,tea seed,seabuckthorn seed,artemisia sphaerocephala krasch seeds,Perilla seed,gardenia,rapeseed,acer truncatum seeds,white fruit,green gooseberry,fire sayaka,macadamia,the vine fruit,oats,oat bran,rose hips,pine seed,fruit,seeds,coix seed kernel,almonds,borage,blackcurrant seed,avocado,papaya seed,cottonseed,celery seed,neem seed,fenugreek seeds,golden flower kwai,sea buckthorn fruit,corn seed skin,thorn pear seeds,okra seeds
  2.plant spices ointment,essential oil
  Rose,lavender,gardenia,mugwort,prickly ash,cumin,ginger,garlic,sandalwood,cedar,aloes,rosemary,star anise,cypress,black pepper,cinnamon branches and leaves,mixed spices,jasmine
  3.lant ointment,pigment
  Marigold lutein ointment,capsicum red pigment resin,lycopene
  4.Chinese herbal oil and grease
  Schisandra fruit,pumpkin seed,milk thistle,evening primrose,safflower seed,ulmoides seed,jujube seed,sour jujube seed,magnolia officinalis,wolfberry,burdock seed,angelica,castor bean,melon seed,gypendium pentaphyllum,honeysuckle,leek seed,luohan fruit
  5.microbial and insect oils and fats
  Yellow mealworms,silkworm pupae,ganoderma lucidum spores,fly maggots,red chlorella,green algae,wood frog and wood frog eggs,black water fly
  6.Other applications
  Egg yolk powder,squid offal,krill,tea,tobacco,wool,pyrethrum,neem,horse oil,propolis,oysters,coconut,wood dewatering and defatting,mackerel