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subcritical extraction equipment

subcritical extraction equipment



DATE:2021-01-12 15:30:05

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  The project of Henan subcritical extraction technology was put forward by Qi Kun in 1989,and its small and pilot tests were the major scientific and technological research projects of Henan Province at that year,and its production technology demonstration project was the"Torch"project of Ministry of Science and Technology.After 30 years of development,the company has carried out research and application in the fields of vegetable oils,essential oils,pigments,Chinese herbal medicine,etc.
  It is a kind of low temperature,low pressure and high physical method,which can avoid the thermal denaturation problem in the extraction process of biological components and keep the biological activity of the extracted components.Avoid harmful and even carcinogens such as trans-fatty acids,glycidyl ester and trichloropropanol ester produced by heating in vegetable oil extraction.To ensure that plant essential oil extraction in the complete components,pure taste.To ensure that the active ingredients used in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine are invariant.Ensure that plant proteins do not undergo thermal denaturation and plant starch is not denaturated.
  The extractive solvent exists in a liquefied state under a certain pressure in the temperature range above its boiling point but below the critical point,which is defined as the subcritical state of the solvent.The extraction of biological components with a medium with a boiling point below 0℃as a solvent is a cryogenic subcritical extraction process.
  Compared with the traditional solvent extraction methods such as hexane and ethanol,the plant oil extracted by Henan subcritical extraction had more bioactive substances and no thermal denaturation damage.The extracted plant essential oil has complete components and pure flavor,and its spectrum is consistent with that of raw materials.In a word,subcritical extraction is a physical extraction method with high efficiency at low temperature and low pressure.

subcritical extraction equipment