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Subcritical low temperature extraction of rice

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  China is a big producer and consumer of rice.Among them,rice oil is also called rice bran oil.Rice oil,with its balanced nutritional ratio,has the reputation of"rice gold"and is a healthy edible oil designated by the World Health Organization.Subcritical low temperature extraction equipment can make up for the deficiency of traditional production process.

Subcritical low temperature extraction of rice

  Subcritical extraction technology(the main solvents are butane,propane)is a new extraction technology in food processing industry.It has the characteristics of low boiling point of solvent,gaseous and volatile under normal temperature and pressure.Subcritical extraction of rice bran oil is to use its characteristics to extract and separate rice oil from raw materials.Using domestic advanced technology to explore the intrinsic value of agricultural products,for rice oil extraction technology to achieve a more significant breakthrough,using sub-critical low temperature extraction technology,to solve the thermal sensitivity of natural product extraction process,to achieve large-scale production of natural product extraction.
  Through this technology,rice bran can be deeply processed to extract rice oil and polysaccharide,which creates a good opportunity for the healthy development of rice industry and comprehensive development and utilization of agricultural products.Rice oil processing technology:rice bran→impurity removal→granulation→low temperature extraction→crude oil→refining→finished oil
  Subcritical low temperature extraction process:subcritical solvent is purified from liquefied petroleum gas,its main components are butane,propane,boiling point below 0℃,butane boiling point is-0.5℃,propane boiling point is-42℃.The extraction process is carried out at a certain pressure(0.1~0.6MPa liquid state)and room temperature,realizing the oil low temperature extraction.The solvent in extracted meal and crude oil was removed at low temperature and vacuum,and the solvent was liquefied and recycled.
  E201.The condenser;P201.Solvent pump;P202.Finished product pump;Vacuum pump P204.Compressor;V201.Extraction tank;V202.Mixture temporary storage tank;

Subcritical low temperature extraction of rice

  V203.Evaporation tank;V204.Solvent tank;V205.Buffer tank.
  ①Put rice bran particles into extraction tank V201.
  ②Solvent pump P201 will inject the solvent into the extraction tank to soak the blank.
  ③The solvent pump P201 extracts the mixed oil from the extraction tank and pumps it into the evaporation tank V203.
  (4)Connect the extraction tank and the compressor P204 suction port,so that the residual solution of the meal into the compressor,after compression,condenser E201 condensation and liquefaction,solvent reflux to the solvent tank V204,recycling use.Meal extraction system.
  The mixed oil enters the evaporation system to separate the solvent from the crude oil after evaporation.The solvent vapor is compressed and liquefied before recycling.Crude oil discharge evaporation system.
  Refining process:crude oil→filtration→hydration degumming→deacidification→decolorization→deodorization→degreasing and dewaxing→fine filtration→finished oil
  Subcritical low temperature oil extraction technology not only reduces the processing cost of oil,but also completely retains the active components in oil and meal,ensuring the nutritional value of rice oil,and creating conditions for the extraction of special oil and the development and utilization of plant protein and polysaccharide.Low temperature dissolubilization is realized and high temperature denaturation of oil and vegetable protein is avoided.At present,this technology has been widely used in the extraction of natural pigments,precious oils,Chinese medicinal materials,spices and other natural ingredients.